Working towards higher goals

My story now has some past experiences to help me achieve higher goals with this new store. I have been engraving and making jewelry for my shops and my daily routine involves doing a little of each task a lot of the time. I'm the only employee of Wedding Widget and all the business tasks including shipping, customer service and all product research and development falls in my hands. I enjoy what I do and what my responsibilities are on a daily and weekly basis. I'm grateful for the business I get and the customers I have. To be creative and get to make a living doing what you do is the best experience I can get out of life.
The etsy platform provides the audience I'm looking to sell to. This store will concentrate on engraved gift sets for men. In our other etsy store www.etsy.com/shop/eternityengraving we specialize in engraved gift sets and engraved jewelry that are geared more towards women. Each gift I make takes time and hard work. The etsy customers that favorite my shop and favorite my listings make me feel like I'm doing more then just selling. If someone actually takes the time to look through your listings and favorite them? This makes me continue doing what I do. Its not just the gifts I make but the appreciation from the customers that tie it all together. I'll be adding new products daily as I search to find something different and creative for the Groomsmen or the Groom, the Best Man or the Ushers. Thanks for taking the time to learn about my experiences and check out my store, good luck to you all in 2018!!!

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